Gaston County Rugby Football Club

Gargoyles Rugby

Gaston County Rugby has a long tradition in the Charlotte area rugby community. For years, the club has provided opportunities for men from all walks of life to continue their rugby career or simply get started- at any age! The team mascot is the Gargoyle!

Players from around the county and surrounding areas (including Lenior, Newton and Morganton), make up the team. The club is currently a men's social rugby club coached by Bill Blackett. Anyone wishing to learn the game is encouraged to join us and see what rugby is all about. We play different clubs around the region including Charlotte Rugby, Charlotte Barbarians Rugby, as well as college teams like Wingate University Rugby, UNCC Rugby, Davidson Rugby and Guilford College. There are various local and regional tournaments as well such as Savannah Rugby Tournament

Nomads Rugby


Through a collaborative effort with the Charlotte Barbarians Rugby, Gaston County Rugby has joined forces to also compete in the new social Division IV. This effort has enabled both teams to play more rugby as well as each to maintain the traditional club identity.


What Rugby Is

Rugby is a unique sport that pre-dates American Football. Much of American Football is rooted in rugby concepts.  Rugby is a full-contact sport that consists of two 40 minute halves. There are fifteen players to a side. Each position has a unique purpose and demands a unique set of skills. As a result, there is a position for nearly every body type and athletic ability.  Play is continuous until the ball is out of bounds or there is a penalty. Play is restarted with a set piece called a scrum, line out, or penalty kick.  For more information, see Rugby 101


What Rugby Is Not

To some who have never seen the game, it can appear somewhat chaotic. Rugby incorporates no forward passing (only backward passing), kicking, structured tackling and vigorous contesting for the ball.  Foul play and fighting are not tolerated. Players who violate the Laws of the game can be penalized with a yellow card resulting in leaving the game for 10 minutes or a red card in which the offending player is removed from the game and his team is forced to play without a man. For more information, see Rugby 101


Why Play Rugby

Rugby is not for everyone. But it is for anyone wishing to test and improve their athletic ability and for those who enjoy the benefits of full contact sports.  Rugby also incorporates great social traditions and team camaraderie. In short, rugby is a lot of fun!