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Thrilling First Week at the Gaston County Youth Rugby Camp

The spirit of rugby has been pulsing vibrantly in Gastonia this week, as the Gaston County Youth Rugby Camp kicked off at the beautiful Martha Rivers Park. We had an amazing group of participants spanning various age groups, the camp has been a lively mix of new faces and familiar ones, all united by their shared love for the sport.

Our first day of camp was filled with a series of interactive drills designed to help the participants get a feel for the sport, understand the basic rules, and practice key skills. The focus was on creating a fun and supportive atmosphere that allowed the kids to explore the game freely, fostering their love for the sport.

Day two elevated the intensity and passion. With the basic understanding set, participants started engaging in mini-games and team activities. It wasn't just about improving their skills; the children were also learning to communicate, cooperate, and exhibit sportsmanship – the very heart and soul of rugby.

As we look forward to the next camp day on Tuesday, 6/20, at 6:30 pm, we invite those who haven't joined us yet to come and experience the magic of this camp. Registration is open online at, or you can sign up in person at Martha Rivers Park.

The first two days of the Youth Rugby Camp have been a testament to the growth of the sport in Gastonia, the potential of our young athletes, and the strong community supporting them. The journey has just begun, and we can't wait to see what the upcoming days bring.


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