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Gaston County Gargoyles Face Tough Loss Against Fayetteville Area Rugby

Gaston County Scrum
Picture: Pauline Lewis 2023

GASTONIA, NC – The rugby pitch at Martha Rivers Park in Gastonia was alive with excitement and anticipation this Saturday, as the Gaston County Gargoyles took on Fayetteville Area Rugby in their second game of the season. Despite putting up a valiant fight, the Gargoyles were bested by Fayetteville, with the final whistle sounding off a score of 5-29 in favor of Fayetteville Area Rugby.

While the scoreboard reflected a challenging game for the Gargoyles, individual achievements shone through. One of the highlights was when Caleb Gesing dashed through to score his first-ever try as a Gargoyle, providing a moment of elation for the home team and its supporters.

The game was characterized by intense gameplay, strategic maneuvers, and sheer determination from both sides. Fayetteville managed to capitalize on a few crucial opportunities, tilting the balance in their favor and eventually securing the win.

However, the day was especially significant for Peter Lewis, Gaston County's Scrum Half. As the man of the match, Pete's skills and commitment were on full display, earning him the much-deserved accolade. But beyond his performance on the field, the day carried a heavier weight, as it marked Pete's last game as a Gaston County Gargoyle. His retirement from the playing field draws to a close a significant chapter for the club.

Pete's contributions to the Gargoyles go beyond tries and tackles. As a bedrock of the club, his knowledge, guidance, and mentorship have been instrumental in shaping the Gargoyles into the team they are today. His dedication and passion for the game have been a source of inspiration for many players, ensuring his legacy will endure for years to come.

The beautiful weather and enthusiastic crowd at Martha Rivers Park added to the fervor of the day, creating a vibrant atmosphere that mirrored the high-octane action on the pitch. The Gargoyles would like to extend their heartfelt appreciation to all the supporters who came out to cheer them on, their presence and unwavering encouragement play an integral role in uplifting the team's spirit.

Although the loss was hard to swallow, the Gargoyles are set to regroup and refocus on their upcoming game against Myrtle Beach Rugby Club. The clash is scheduled for 1 PM at Stables Park in Pawleys Island, SC. With a fresh challenge on the horizon, the Gargoyles are eager to harness the lessons from this match and channel them into renewed vigor as they prepare for their next outing.

If you would like to try your hand at Rugby, join us for practice every Wednesday and Thursday at Stowe Park in Belmont, NC from 7-8:30pm. All are welcome and no experience is required.

Gaston County Final Score


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