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Sponsorship Spotlight: Piedmont Lithium

Sponsorship Spotlight: Piedmont Lithium

The landscape of sponsorship is ever-evolving, and we at GCRFC are thrilled to introduce our community to our newest sponsor: Piedmont Lithium.

Steering the charge into a sustainable future, Piedmont Lithium is a pioneering name in the lithium industry. They are deeply involved in the development and integration of lithium, a crucial element for rechargeable batteries, which are fundamental to various technologies including electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and many portable electronic devices. Their endeavors are not just about extracting a valuable resource but are rooted in a vision for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy future.

GCRFC is beyond excited to align with an innovator like Piedmont Lithium. Their commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability parallels the values we uphold on the rugby field and within our community. This collaboration promises not just growth for our club, but also a shared mission of educating and promoting sustainable practices among our players, fans, and the broader community.

To the team at Piedmont Lithium: Welcome aboard! We look forward to the synergy of this partnership, the shared victories, and the lasting impact we'll create together. Here's to a future charged with potential! 🌱🔋🏉

If you would like to give rugby a try, join us for practice every Wednesday and Thursday at Stowe Park in Belmont NC. All are welcome and no experience is required.


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