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New Leadership Team Elected at Gaston County Rugby Football Club

The Gaston County Rugby Football Club (GCRFC) has recently conducted its club elections, resulting in a dynamic blend of familiar faces and fresh leadership for the upcoming season. With several key positions changing hands and others being reaffirmed, the club is poised for an exciting period of growth and development.

Leading the charge as the new Director of Rugby is Rusty Todd, a formidable presence on the field as a Prop for GCRFC. Todd brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game, having previously served as the Men's Rugby Vice President. His transition to this pivotal role marks a significant moment for the club, and members are eager to see his vision unfold. We would like to thank Kevin Lamp for serving as Club President/Director of Rugby who has retired from his duties.

In the wake of Todd's transition, the position of Men's Rugby Vice President now falls to Michael James. A stalwart member of GCRFC, James has been a mainstay in the club's backline for years. His dedication and passion for the sport make him a natural fit for this leadership role, and his appointment has been met with widespread enthusiasm from both players and supporters alike.

Meanwhile, Jen James returns to her role as Women's Rugby Vice President, bringing her invaluable experience and insights to the women's side of the club. Her commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity within the sport has been instrumental in fostering a thriving women's rugby program at GCRFC.

In the realm of club administration, Paul Smith resumes his position as Treasurer, ensuring the financial health and stability of GCRFC moving forward. His meticulous attention to detail and sound financial management practices have been instrumental in guiding the club through previous seasons, and his continued stewardship is welcomed by all.

Similarly, John Lenti continues in his role as Secretary, overseeing the day-to-day operations and administrative duties of the club. His organizational skills and dedication to the club's mission make him an indispensable asset to the leadership team.

Rounding out the lineup of elected officials are Austin Duncan and Alex Smathers, who will continue in their roles as Men's Match Secretary and Women's Match Secretary, respectively. Their tireless efforts behind the scenes ensure that matches run smoothly and that players have the support they need to succeed on the field.

With this new leadership team in place, GCRFC is poised to build upon its past successes and continue to thrive as a cornerstone of the Gaston County rugby community. As the club looks ahead to the upcoming season, excitement is palpable, and members are eager to see what the future holds under the guidance of these dedicated leaders.


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