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Sponsor Spotlight: Muddy River Distillery

We are excited to shine a spotlight on Muddy River Distillery, a local distillery in Belmont, NC, and a proud sponsor of the Gaston County Rugby Football Club (GCRFC). Their commitment to supporting local sports and community organizations is commendable, and we are grateful for their partnership with our club.

Muddy River Distillery is known for their high-quality, handcrafted spirits, made with locally sourced ingredients. Their signature product is their award-winning Queen Charlotte's Reserve Rum, a smooth and flavorful rum that has received accolades from around the world.

In addition to their rum, Muddy River Distillery also produces a variety of other spirits, including vodka, gin, and bourbon. Their vodka is made from sweet potatoes, giving it a unique and distinctive flavor, while their gin is infused with botanicals for a delicious and complex taste. Their bourbon is aged in charred oak barrels, resulting in a rich and smooth flavor profile.

Muddy River Distillery's commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and traditional distilling methods sets them apart from other distilleries, and their dedication to quality is evident in the taste of their products.

The GCRFC is grateful for the support of Muddy River Distillery and encourages all members of the community to visit their tasting room and try out their delicious beverages. We thank them for their commitment to supporting local organizations and for their partnership with our club.

Once again, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Muddy River Distillery for their ongoing support and partnership with the Gaston County Rugby Football Club. Their sponsorship has been invaluable, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.


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