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Gaston County Gargoyles Narrowly Defeated by Charlotte Olde Originals

Austin Duncan Try Gaston County
Picture: Pauline Lewis, 2023

GASTONIA, NC – Saturday afternoon at Martha Rivers Park bore witness to the first clash of 2023 between the Gaston County Gargoyles and the Charlotte Olde Originals, where each ruck felt like a battlefield and every scrum an epic duel. The stage was set under a beautiful sky, a perfect day for rugby, with the teams battling it out fiercely in front of an appreciative audience who came out to absorb the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the day.

In the end, the Gargoyles faced a hard-fought loss against the Olde Originals, with a close scoreline of 20-15. Yet, even in defeat, the spirit and determination of the Gaston County Rugby Club were evident in every play, every tackle, and every strategic move executed on the pitch.

First-year Captain Michael James, who operated in the fly-half position, led the determined Gargoyles side. The intense clash saw spirited contributions from various players, with Austin Duncan and Shatahrri Rodriguez both putting points on the board with an individual try each. Tehan Redman added to the tally with a crucial conversion kick, while Michael James showcased his expertise with a penalty kick.

The battleground known as Martha Rivers Park reverberated with the hard knocks and tenacious defenses of both teams. The defensive efforts from both teams were nothing short of heroic, with several try-line stands bearing testimony to the resilient spirit of the players. Each ruck was contested vehemently, demonstrating the sheer determination that was flowing in the veins of each player as they contested every inch of the ground and the scrums were no less than a battlefield, as both teams displayed a show of strength and technique, battling for possession and territory with fierce determination. It was a day where every inch gained was hard-earned, and both teams displayed a commendable spirit of sportsmanship and respect for the opposition, honoring the core values of rugby.

The day was embellished with beautiful weather, a vibrant atmosphere, and an enthusiastic crowd who gathered to witness this exhilarating match. The community spirit was alive and strong, with the spectators fully engaged, cheering at every play and feeling every hit, portraying a true representation of the rugby spirit.

Despite the loss, the Gargoyles demonstrated that they will be a force to be reckoned with, providing a performance filled with grit, power, and determination. The post-match atmosphere was one of mutual respect and acknowledgment of a game well played.

Looking forward, the Gargoyles are gearing up for their next challenge on September 30th against the Fayetteville Area Rugby at the iconic Martha Rivers Park. It promises to be yet another thrilling encounter as the Gargoyles seek to showcase their skill and spirit once again, rekindling the fiery passion and unyielding determination that define Gaston County Rugby Club.

Be sure not to miss it as they showcase their prowess against Fayetteville Area Rugby. It's bound to be a day of great rugby action, camaraderie, and community spirit.

Gaston County Score


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