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Sponsor Spotlight: The Bearded Buffalo

We're delighted to cast the spotlight on our cherished local haunt, the Bearded Buffalo, nestled in the heart of Belmont, NC. This place isn't just a sponsor, but a warm home-away-from-home for Gaston County Rugby.

Behind the Bearded Buffalo are the dynamic duo, Chad and Jennifer Angelo, who have become our family off the rugby field. Their commitment to create a vibrant, welcoming space for the GCRFC family to unwind, share stories, and relish great food is something we all are deeply thankful for. The many moments we've shared satiating our hunger, quenching our thirst, and sharing stories of matches won, lost, and those unforgettable 'good ole days' around the tables of The Bearded Buffalo have been instrumental in strengthening our bond as a team.

The Bearded Buffalo is not just about its captivating atmosphere; it's a foodie paradise. The expansive menu caters to every palate and every mood, making it our ultimate destination for post-match celebrations. Be it a hearty sandwich after a tough game, a loaded nacho for a cheer-me-up, or buffalo wings that add fire to our rugby stories, they have us covered.

And speaking of buffalo wings, you've got to try the Gargoyle flavored ones. Fiery and tantalizing, they are sure to have you breaking a sweat as you cheer for your favorite rugby players. And don't fret, the Bearded Buffalo has a lineup of exquisite wines, chilled beers, and crafted cocktails to douse the spice.

Chad and Jennifer are not just business owners; they are pillars of our community, and their alliance with the GCRFC reflects their steadfast commitment to local initiatives. Their support has been a significant driving force behind our club, and we can't emphasize enough how grateful we are.

The Bearded Buffalo's warmth extends beyond the Angelos to their entire team, who've ensured our visits are memorable each time. The club extends its sincere thanks to them for their unwavering support and dedication to fostering community spirit.

It's been a fantastic journey with the Bearded Buffalo, and we're excited about what the future holds for our partnership. We invite all our community members to savor the gastronomic delights at this wonderful establishment, and join us in celebrating the bonds of rugby and community. Thank you, Bearded Buffalo, for the continued support. Here's to many more years of friendship and fiery Gargoyle wings!


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